Monday, November 23, 2015

Looking Forward to December 31st

This week is the beginning of hell for me - the week of "Black Friday", "Small Business Saturday" and the Holiday Season. Good things do happen - I get to work on and finish up my holiday cards (formal shout-out for addresses will be tomorrow) and send them winging their way all over the world within a few short weeks. But I also have to work really hard to get ready for the holidays and I'm nowhere near ready.

We don't get the huge crowds for our Black Friday sales, but since we
only run two sales a year, we usually do get customers grateful for that
additional percentage off our already low prices.  

But DH and I had a lovely and relaxed day yesterday - breakfast out followed by watching "Spectre" at the movies and an afternoon of football in which my team won and his team lost. It was nice to have a bit of time to relax. I even wrote a short Tolkien story for this month's LOTRO Community Challenge. I haven't written a thing for almost a year, so it was refreshing to open that doorway, even if it was just a small crack of daylight.

I will happily take any of the cars used in Spectre. Old or new, the
selection of vehicles used in the movie were totally drool-worthy! 

Today I swim, then go to the Chiropractor, breakfast, and then the store. I've been hunting for my staplegun without success, although I know I bought a new one last holiday season. Today is my last day of hunting. If I don't find it, I buy a new one tomorrow. What a stupid waste of money, but I need it for my annual holiday decorations and have no choice. ARGH!

It really bugs me that I can't find the staple gun I purchased last
year. I had it in a baggie with the staples, labelled as
mine, and I remember putting it into a box. That's the problem.
It's somewhere in a box. *sigh*

Here's hoping your week is smooth as we approach Thursday's Thanksgiving Day holiday here in the USA. Have a great Monday.

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