Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today is a busy day from hell, that is getting busier and busier. My list of things to do is growing longer and longer, and of course, with Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, the lines for checkout at any of the stores I need to be at will be long. At least I get to start the day out with a good swim, but then I have to decorate the store, pull a mail order and make sure everything will be OK for the staff today. Then it's off to shop at Target, Trader Joe's and Byerly's (my local grocer).

This is my least favorite shopping day of the year, and I have to go to three
different stores. ARGH!

I can't forget to take things back to the small house that we're going to leave there, and also can't forget to grab the shop vac and stool that we want to pull out. We're closing on the house at 9:00 am Monday morning when we'll walk away with a check, and Ross will walk away with the keys. All in all, a great solution that was put together extremely quickly by all of us.

It starts by removing the embedded key. Then I take the fob apart
and replace the battery. Then I put everything back together. I'll
have to do this for DH's key fob also. *sigh*

I still have things I'm going to try and do for my cards, and I want to switch my Lord of the Rings Online characters from their old realm to the new one. I need to put new batteries into my Misfit Shine as well as my car's key fob. That's fairly elaborate, but very do-able.

I really love Baker's Square whipped cream pumpkin pie. For Christmas, I
also get their Candy Cane pie. Yum! 

Oh - I can't forget to pick up my pumpkin pie. No, I don't bake one from scratch, I used to, and they were pretty good, but I really prefer Baker's Square pumpkin pies. Just one more errand for a busy, busy day. At least I was able to get the post office done last night. Here's hoping you have a great Wednesday. I'll be dealing with Turkey tomorrow, so probably won't be posting, but I wish all of you in the USA and away from it, a very happy and glorious Thanksgiving Day. Virtual *hugs* to each and every one of you!

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