Monday, November 2, 2015

Argh! - Chocolate and No Sleep

Daylight savings time recall - hate it! Love the extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, but hate getting any appreciable sleep for the next night. Last night was toss/turn and get up every two hours. Ick! When I add too much chocolate eaten during the day - thus too much caffeine - it's certainly a contributing factor to my lack of sleep.

Love this one - a musical sugar skull for MPR -
Minnesota Public Radio. Great work. 

Halloween was a disappointment! There must have been a lot of parties and some organized activities going on, because we got no college kids and only two children - neither of which were from the household next door. The kids were very cute, though. Candy was given out, but too much remains. I'll be working on getting most of this into the freezer or I'll end up gaining when I should be maintaining or losing weight over the next two months.

On this skull I like the flowers and the fact that, like
the skull before it, they didn't block in behind
the mandible, leaving it open space as it should be. 

Welcome to Dia de los Muertos. Here in the city, it was celebrated on Sunday to allow people to go to their jobs today, but today is the official date. Thus, I've decorated today's blog with skulls. I love skulls, especially the sugar skulls that "Dia" is known for, but these are decorated skulls since I really don't need any more sugar.

Here's a really different look at a decorated "sugar" skull
by Vicrosman on Deviant Art
I like the duality of the piece and the use of colors
is fabulous. 

Off and running, the pool waits for no-one. Here's hoping your night was a bit less frustrating than mine and that you have a truly wonderful Dia de los Muertos. Celebrate!

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