Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Holiday Weekend - Samhain, Dia de los Muertos and Daylight Saving Time

It's a holiday weekend of celebration, things that go bump in the night, celebration of the dead and the joyful laughter of kids (old and young) as they overdose on candy of all types. It's also Samhain, the holy day of many pagan believers. I'll be holding the Goddess and the Spirits in my thoughts today as I work and think about friends, old and new, and hoping the best for each of you over the next year. Solstice has yet to come, and in the US, Daylight Saving Time will end in less than 24 hours.

I love this carved pumpkin. There are others more elaborate
out there, but the idea of the skull and exposed brain is brilliant! 

So, good Samhain to all, and a Happy Halloween. I don't have my stoop decorated with pumpkins or other decorations, but my porch light will be on until 9:00 pm and I will pass out candy to any of the college students who are in costume. I'll do jigsaw puzzles on my computer and keep my Morticia Addams dress on through the day while I answer the door. I don't have to try hard to dress like a witch - LOL.

The Veil is thin at this time of the year. Honor those who have
passed and walk with caution. Good Samhain to all! 

I urge those of you who will be out and about over the next day or so to travel with caution. The Veil is thin at this time of the year. Whether or not you believe in ghosts or spirits, it is the correct time of year for things that go bump in the night.

I love sugar skulls, but I really adore these sugar skull cookies.
Don't they look almost too good to eat? 

Sunday is Dia de los Muertos - the celebration of the dead that is celebrated throughout Latin America and beyond. Having picnics at the cemetery up here can be a very cold experience, but people up here still decorate the graves of their loved ones with sugar skulls and pop-up dioramas, still invite the dead to join their celebrations, and still remember those who have passed ahead of them. There will be music and dancing throughout the Latin American communities up here and the cemeteries will be busy with visitors.

It's been nice, but I'll be glad to get back to 'normal'
time once more. Of course, 'normal' is relative. Why do
we play with everything - even time? 

Topping it all off will be the semi-annual changing of the clocks - Spring Ahead and Fall Back. We'll get an extra hour of sleep over the weekend and our clocks will be set back, leaving Daylight Saving Time behind until next spring. By solstice it will be full dark at 4:00 pm. Oh joy! Happy weekend to all of you. Walk carefully and think of those who are no longer with us. I'll be back on Monday.

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