Thursday, October 29, 2015

Aging Backwards

Merlin did it, so why not me? Aging backward is an elusive dream because it doesn't happen in real life. It happens in tales like various versions of King Arthur, and in dreams, but not in real life. I've come as close as I can, though and I'm pretty happy about it.

Merlin has always been one of my favorite fictional wizards. I really
like this image of him, a little less Gandalf, and a little more sage. 

I had a complete physical when I turned 50 (or at least within a year or so of that time) because I felt I probably should. I had already had my life quite literally saved when I had my hysterectomy several years prior, so I thought it was time to check everything out. It was OK, I was overweight but my lab work was fine. They did remove polyps during my colonoscopy, but I was told to come back in five years and they would check again.

Getting a physical meant too many needles for this needle phobe, but I
forced myself to do it anyway because it was a necessary evil. I'm really
glad I did. 

Well, I waited a while longer than that, but went back this year for another full physical more than ten years later. I am down twenty pounds in weight, my blood pressure is fabulous, my labwork all came back stellar, and yesterday's colonoscopy was clean with no issues at all. I'm getting younger as I'm getting older. Huzzah!

I totally narfed down my Big Mac, French Fries and Egg McMuffin for
dinner last night. No regrets! McDonald's fries are the BEST! 

I was massively hungry after my exam, having not had anything except liquids since Tuesday, so at my request DH stopped by McDonald's and I treated myself to a Big Mac, large french fry, and an Egg McMuffin for dinner. I figured I hadn't eaten anything in more than a day, I probably could afford the calories. Yup!

I prefer the elliptical machine to the treadmill. I feel like it's
nicer on my joints and it pulls my arms into the mix also.
Three miles is calling me, but I haven't been for a few days so
I may not hit my full stride. Still, it's going to be great to
be back on the machines once again. 

So today it's back to the gym - I've missed it horribly over the past few days. I'll be diving back into routine, and I'm really looking forward to it. No more doctor stuff (hopefully) until after I turn 70. If I stay true to form, then 70 will be my new 50 - LOL. Happy Thursday, peeps! It's good to be back! (Don't forget - Project Runway tonight should be great!)

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