Monday, September 21, 2015

It Was A Perfect Fall Day

It was the perfect Fall day - until it rained. But even then, it was amazing skies, and even a rainbow to wrap it all up.

This is NOT the rainbow we saw as I was driving home - I was busy
avoiding crazy drivers on very busy roads and didn't take a photo
of last night's rainbow. But this is pretty, and quite similar to ours. 

As usual we were at the Renaissance Festival, wandering, eating and - since this was the home opener for our football team - watching the game in the single pub that has a TV used just for that purpose on Sundays.

Our young quarterback, Terry Bridgewater, really came through
for us yesterday. It was a good game and a strong win for DH's team. 

It was Irish weekend and we wandered the tents in the Irish Village set up on the green and noticed, to our delight, that our favorite chocolate purveyors were exhibiting. We hadn't been expecting to see them until next week's Wine and Chocolate, so getting chocolate from them a week early was a real treat. They'll be back this coming weekend too, of course, so we'll get more then! Graveland has the BEST chocolate I've ever had and I will happily overdose on their variety of nom nom chocolate.

Groveland only had two dark chocolate Sea Salt Caramel bars left. We bought
both of them along with other chocolates to take home for the week. Yummy! 

We'll also have to make sure to purchase next year's season tickets next weekend. It's sad that this year is coming to an end with only two more weekends left, but it's also nice to reclaim my Sundays and get work done around my house once again.

I hope all of you had a great weekend too. Happy Monday to all!

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