Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going Nowhere Fast - SIGH!

It's the 22nd day of the month, and I'm at exactly the same weight I was when the month started. That's frustrating me. I fully understand that I have made some poor food choices that has put me into a small swing back and forth, but really! Nothing? Nothing up - nothing down - nothing? I'm frustrated this morning and I'm venting because - well - because I can!

I have to remind myself of this every now and then, as well as reiterate
how much I enjoy going to the gym every morning.
It hasn't even been a year yet - I've got a ways still to go. 

I am swamped at work, have two repairs pending, one of which is almost overdue, and have the Minnesota Bead Shop Hop starting on October 1st. I'm usually much more prepared for the Hop, but not this year. This year I seem to be letting things slide until they meet the ground, then paying attention to them as I step over the pile of to-be-done detritus blocking my path forward. Once again - frustrating. I'll be ready to go on time, but it will cut into my holiday card time which I can ill afford.

I'd better get myself in gear. October is coming up fast and I am not
prepared for the Hop yet! 

I'd much rather be playing with my own artwork instead of labeling packages, cleaning the store, and doing the other assortment of things necessary for the Hop. But I'm hopeful that it will actually bring people through the door and up our sales for the month of October - that's one of the goals, after all. So I'll assemble door prizes, make charm cards to be given to each Hopper who visits, and in between all of that, I'll get the other work I have to do finished, because that's what I do.


Have a wonderful Tuesday. I think I'll pound out some of my frustration on the elliptical this morning.

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