Monday, September 14, 2015

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Yesterday was a PERFECT day at Renaissance Faire. The sky was crystal blue, the weather - perfect, the breeze was slight, but just enough to keep things comfortable as the day warmed up into the mid to upper 70's (around 24-25 C) and it wasn't super crowded, even though it probably should have been. We dropped into several places that we hadn't checked out yet, and saw our friend Ben yet again - wearing new boots from Sandler's that he had purchased before Fest opened for the day. Nice boots. We ate breakfast and lunch, and even had a bit of alcohol at the Woodchuck Cider Tasting event. We stayed later than we have any time this year so far because it was such a perfect day. I'll remember this one when I'm freezing in 2-3 weeks. Only three more weekends left and then we're into the holiday grind.

The bridge of the right portion broke off from the left lens. You can
see the discoloration above the earpiece on the left lens where the
solder let go. They're an odd metal, so fixing them will be more
challenging. If the original maker can't fix them, I'll probably try on
my own jeweler's bench, but I don't have a great deal of confidence in
my ability to spot solder this. 

My eyeglasses (not my new pair that I ordered at the Fair, but the pair I've been wearing that I actually need to see with) broke apart on Saturday. There's really no saving them. When I go pick up my new glasses (which I hope will be really soon!) I'll see if they can re-weld these so that they are functional once again. I love the glasses and it would be quite sad to say good-bye to them since they are custom one-of-a-kind frames.

However, that leaves me in a pickle. I can drive fine without my eyeglasses, but reading is impossible. I've been wearing a pair of magnifiers that I borrowed from the shop, but wearing them for long periods of time is almost painful. I tried wearing an older pair of glasses, and that was just wrong on so many counts. So I'm typing this blind - please forgive the brevity as well as any typos that may have escaped my blurred vision.

I'm hip deep in reading Ann Rice's latest Vampire
Chronicles book. So good! 

Damn - reading my e-book (Prince Lestat - so GOOD) is a pain without my prescription lenses. ARGH! Happy Monday to all!

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