Monday, August 17, 2015

Yes? No. Yes? No. Arghhhh!

So we're still in limbo regarding wallpaper number 2. The one he originally said "go ahead and get this" wasn't what he actually wanted (fortunately that was discovered before we had spent money actually buying it). So more samples were obtained and put into the framework with the one we have already purchased for the living room wall.

Choices and decisions. They're hard for DH to make, but I'm forcing
him to actually have some input here. 

Yesterday he was trying to make decisions. The ten new samples didn't quite meet what he wanted. He ended up choosing a sample that he had already discarded. I'm going to order larger samples of two of the new choices as well as his older choice. Let's see what he thinks when he has those.

This way or that way? Everyone must make decisions - many of
them throughout each day. 

I spent yesterday walking up and down the stairs putting things back into our of our display cases. Since we know we would have to move the case when the wall paper is installed (I live in hope that this feat can eventually be successful), we decided to leave it in the dining room for the time being. But Sharon needs her room, so the goal was to get her room emptied out. It's at a point of minor details and straightening now, so I'm much happier than I was yesterday morning.

Starting at "both of these are OK" led to "either this or that would
be OK", which finally led to "neither of them", and last to
"just pick one". *sigh*

The State Fair starts in less than two weeks, and Renaissance Festival starts this weekend. We'll be out at the Festival grounds on Sunday - our first day of the new season. I can hardly wait. I have a parasol that I purchased late last year. It'll be fun to use it if the sun will be beating down on us. And I'll need to review what I want to wear since my corset will be too large for me. Still - that's a good problem to have :-)

Once more we will walk the grounds of the Renaissance Festival. We lose
our land after next year, so the owner/operators are actively looking for a
new stretch of land that they can purchase. We've been in this location
since the early 1970's so it is a blow to have to leave it behind next year. 

Have a great Monday. I'll be doing an abbreviated Guppy Day since I have my chiropractor appointment cutting slightly into my swimming time. Here's hoping those of you struggling with the heat get a break today.

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