Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friends - The Best Thing About the Internet

Drummerwench is in town for a quick and unexpected visit so we're getting together for a fast breakfast this morning after she drops her husband off at the airport. Her husband is originally from this area and it's been a real joy to have had the chance to get together for a meal the past two years when she's been in town for family events. I'm really delighted that her schedule allowed this, and although I will be tight on time, it's very worth the slight inconvenience to visit with someone who has become a friend over the years.

We'll be meeting at the Colossal Cafe (where Huinare and I went to lunch
when we spent the afternoon together in June). They have wonderful food,
locally sourced whenever possible. 

I love the opportunity to meet my on-line friends and have had that chance many times over the past nineteen years since I first ventured on-line. The various communities of beaders, metal artists, enamelists, authors and gamers I've belonged to and interacted within over the past nineteen years have broadened my horizons and pushed my artistic boundaries. I've traveled to new places and experienced a variety of classes and instructors that I might never have thought about without the input and advise from these fabulous and inventive people.

Here's an older picture of me and my dear friend Shruti at the last
Metal Clay Conference in Illinois. We had such a good time
sharing a room and learning new techniques over that trip. 

So here's a call out to those on-line people who have become dear friends over the years. You know who you are - you're the ones for whom I make my holiday cards each year. You're great roommates like Poo and Shruti - two people who couldn't be more different, but both so very talented, embracing their artistic skills. There are writers like Drummerwench and Huinare, both who will have been in Minnesota this summer - my summer bookends. There are vendors who have become friends like Beki and Betsey, and there are so many others who are yet to be met in person, but whom I know I will enjoy spending time with if/when the opportunity arises.

The internet and on-line communities have broadened my friends to include those from nations I would never have dreamed of having direct contact with. Those friends and communities, in turn, have entertained, entranced, educated, and at times enraged me, all helping to make me a better person, a more well-rounded author, and a more accomplished artist.

So as I begin the quest for the perfect holiday card tomorrow, and meet with my friend for breakfast today, I send out a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you - my online community of friends and acquaintances. I can't imagine my life without any of you! Happy Tuesday!

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