Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Water and Mountains - Nothing Better

It's a Guppy and Alps day today, and I have to say I love it. Even though I have to work on my "day off" and won't have my usual running around with errands because Chickie had the nerve to actually take a week's vacation, it could be worse. That doesn't mean I'm not dealing with the schedule from hell, but ... it could be worse - LOL.

Stage 17 is the first true Alpine stage. Just look at those
wonderful mountains in the way. Yippee! 

Today we go into the Alps for the first of four punishing days as we come to the conclusion of Le Tour de France. Just look at those peaks in the picture above. Today's route is from Digne-les-Bains to Pra-Loup (via the Col des Champs). It's only (yeah - only. Who am I kidding!) It's only 161km and there have been longer stages this year, but we're going up and down to a maximum of 2200 meters high, and ending on an up with a hefty 6.5% gradient. Today is two Cat 3's, two Cat 2's (one at the end) and a single Cat 1. And it's just the first day of the Alps. I'm in Le Tour heaven.

I've seen her training, of course. She never misses a day
and she's very serious about her training. 

Today is also a Guppy Day, so I'll start things out with an hour in the pool. One of the people I share my mornings with is an older woman, Jeanne Minder, who competes in the Senior Games as a Triathlete. In fact, in the games held here a few weeks ago, she was awarded a gold medal in the sport. We had a horrific storm late Friday/early Saturday and I found out yesterday that her house had been hit by a ball of lightning and she had barley escaped with her dogs, her car and her gym bag. Everything else was a complete loss and the house burned to the ground. I really feel for her. She's currently in a residential hotel but her insurance company says it will be 6-9 months before a replacement house is built and ready for her to move into. And, of course, she lost everything - photos, mementos, everything. How devastating. But she's back at the gym, working out every day. What a courageous woman.

Here's Jeanne with her Gold Medal just a few weeks ago. If you might
be interested in reading a bit more about her, follow the link

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday and a calm and joy-filled day.

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