Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rushed and Pantry Pics

I'm so rushed. I thought I had all of my emails handled so that this morning would go quickly, but I got involved in some overnight posts and I'm running late! Oops. But here's a quick update before I get my things together and run to the gym.

Peter Sagan nailed the Green Jersey after Stage 16 yesterday. Congratulations
to him for an outstanding tour this year. 

Le Tour de France has a well-deserved rest day today before beginning four days of the Alps on Wednesday. Yesterday's finish left sprinter Peter Sagan without a stage win once again - I think he is the most frequent of the "bridesmaids - never a bride" winner I've ever seen, although I think he has nailed the Green Jersey for best sprinter for this year's Tour. So even though he came in second yet once more, he did an outstanding ride and has had an outstanding Tour once again. It will be fun to see him pull himself through the Alps.

The paint seems a bit more peachy in this picture. It
actually is a bit more yellow. But it goes well
with the new laminate in the pantry. 

The color might be a bit more true in
this pic. At least you can see how well the
laminate and the new wall color work together. 

And here's what I spent Sunday doing. Two pics of my newly repainted pantry before I have to run out and get my tired body onto the elliptical machine. I haven't been sleeping well (probably a bit too much stress right now) so I'm already drooping. I'm trying to figure out if I can manage an early night tonight - I'm sure going to try. Have a great Tuesday, all. I'll be back tomorrow.

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