Friday, July 17, 2015

Post #2000 - A Celebration (and Ramble)

This is my 2000th post and I'm pretty amazed at that number. I've been writing my blog regularly for years now, usually six days a week. I can't say I discuss anything very earthshaking - in fact, most of what I discuss is quite mundane. I have fun, though, and posting my daily thoughts helps me to keep in touch with friends throughout the world as well as get my thoughts in order for the upcoming day. So on that note ... on with today's post.

No massive mountains today, but it's still a challenging course
as the boys leave the high mountains behind them. 

Le Tour begins moving away from the Pyrenees in today's first bridging stage. The aching bodies of the riders will still have to deal with mountains, but they are lower, only one Cat 3 ad two Cat 4 peaks. All of the aches and pains of the Pyrenees will come to them over the next few days as they make their way across the bottom of France toward the Alps. But that's for next week. Today they are just trying to survive, heal, and keep their standings intact. Chris Froome (Sky) is still in the Yellow, but because of an outstanding ride yesterday, Michael Kwiatkowski from Poland (Etixx-Quick Step) won for the most aggressive rider on yesterday's monster stage. The riders will be happy to see the Pyrenees behind them, but they can't rest until Monday. There's a nation to bike across and another week of Le Tour.

I'm very happy. I now have a mini King Bob to add to
my Dave on my car's dashboard. 

Minions was a bunch of fun and we laughed SO hard. If you're familiar with 1968 music and culture, you'll love it. A quick story - Target features these Minion Mystery Packs - foiled packs that you purchase for less than three dollars that will have one of the pictured characters within it, but which one you won't know until you open the pack. I was hoping I would get "King Bob" with my mystery Minion, and held my breath as I opened it. After all, there were twenty different Minions that could be in the pack. But ... I actually got King Bob! I'm delighted and will soon have him affixed on my car's dashboard next to Dave from "Despicable Me 2". It takes so little to make me so happy - LOL.

We had so much fun at the movie, and the
soundtrack was vintage late 1960's. Perfect! 

The garage door was fixed late yesterday afternoon and DH did some serious work cleaning up his closet and clothes pile while imprisoned in the house, so Thursday was a total win. Here's hoping Friday will be as good. Happy Friday to you!

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