Monday, June 15, 2015

The House is Looking Empty

Yesterday's job was cleaning out the kitchen/breakfast nook area in preparation for the laminate install later this week. We also pulled more of the living room furniture out and moved tables up to various rooms that we're using for storage. What a chore! Then, just to finish things off, we cleaned out the pantry because we're getting laminate in there also.

We have a walk-in pantry that is really poorly designed. DH has wanted
to re-do it for years, so this will be his opportunity after the new
laminate is installed on Thursday. I hope he doesn't take too long to
get the re-do finished, though. 

DH was a bit perfunctory about cleaning, but I dove in right after breakfast and went non-stop until after 7:00 pm. I even took a small pull over to Goodwill with my old espresso/cappuccino/coffee maker. I bought it years ago at WallMart on a Black Friday special and it actually works well, but I stopped using us and it took up a bunch of counter space. I put the electric kettle on the counter instead and that will suit us just fine.

My coffee maker was just like this one. It was HUGE. It
actually made a pretty good espresso, and a decent cup
of coffee, but I wanted my kitchen counter back, so I
donated it to Goodwill. Someone else can have it and
I hope they enjoy it as much as I did. 

The recycling bucket is overflowing, and the trash container is pretty full as well. It's been a very busy week getting ready for the big install. I have the couch, love seat, and central coffee table remaining to move. We'll move those early Tuesday morning after I get back from the gym. I probably should try to contact the installers and find out what time they will be here tomorrow. It's always helpful to warn DH when people are due to arrive.

Our city is part of the assorted waste recycling program where our
bins are almost identical in size and shape as our trash bins. Over the
past month or so, our recycling bin has been almost overflowing, we've
done so much cleaning. It's really great! 

I'll take photos today and tomorrow and hope to share by the end of the week so that all of you can see what a difference just the carpet will make. I got notification that our drapes were shipped out to us on the 12th, so we'll soon have those as well. The rooms are coming together. Now, if we could just agree on a wall covering ... LOL. Happy Monday to all!

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