Monday, June 22, 2015

Remodel Pictures

I promised pictures, so I'm going to try and get them all in today. Let's see if I have the time to pull this off. This is what my life has been revolving around for the past two months ...

This is the old living room. The marble fireplace
at the end is my focal. The blue carpeting is
threadbare and worn to the floor in spots and on
each tread of the staircases. The drapes are water
damaged and sun eaten. Touching them causes tears.

NEW - New carpeting and new drapes. What a change. The drapes
are a bit lighter than we had thought when the light comes through,
but we still love the fabric. The fireplace can now be the star. 

OLD - This was the old drape across the picture window. Although
the drape was good quality, age had caught up with it. It was too long for the
heater that goes along the floor, and it had water damage from leaks
from ice dams in years past. Nasty! 

NEW - The new drapery is shorter, allowing the heat to go into the
room instead of out behind the drape. It's a gentle grey color and
goes really nicely with the mantle/fireplace and the new silver/grey carpet. 

OLD - The old kitchen flooring was icky - just icky. I never liked it
from day one. The yellow appliance on the left is our non-functional
dishwasher. It will be replaced, probably next year. The yellow
appliance on the right is my oven, which works even though it's old. 

NEW - Same basic view, but now with the
new laminate. I finally have a floor that I can
keep clean and I am SO THRILLED! 

OLD - The old kitchen from the breakfast nook
toward the pantry door and hallway. Icky, icky,

NEW - Looking from the garage entry toward
the pantry down in the breakfast nook. The laminate
is phenomenal and we're both very happy. 

We're not quite finished yet. The molding will be installed in the kitchen in early July and we still have to move things back into cupboards and displays. Wall covering in the living room is our next priority and I'll start working on more samples for DH to look at this week.

We took Sunday off to relax. Had a lovely breakfast followed by a really enjoyable time watching Jurassic World, then home and relaxing for the rest of the day. Except for the fact that I ate too much popcorn, all was good. But now it's Monday and it's time to get back into the rhythm once more. Have a happy Monday, all.

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