Friday, June 19, 2015

Long Day's Night

The floor installers for the kitchen and breakfast area flooring were here at 8:30 am. They worked non-stop and finally left at 10:20 pm. They didn't take any breaks, and they will be back on July 7th to install the baseboards and quarter-round moulding. What a job!

I was going out to my car to go get gas while waiting for the installation
to wrap up and saw this little toad at the edge of my walkway. I couldn't resist
taking a pic of him to share with all of you. He's a tiny little thing, all
gnarly and bumpy. The lighter items around him are maple seeds that
have flown on the wind. That should give you an idea of how small he really is. 

It looks fantastic. I took pics and I'll share this week's redo with all of you on Monday. Today, I allowed myself to sleep until 5:00 am since I didn't even eat dinner until 10:30 pm last night. I skipped the gym today - just needed sleep more than exercise today. I'll be hunting down and killing bugs and flying insects in my house for weeks because the installers (both carpet and flooring) had the doors to the house open for extended periods of time. But, the majority of the work is complete and it's really fantastic. Talk to you tomorrow, have a great Friday.

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