Friday, May 15, 2015

What Have I Been Doing About ... Grading Myself

So it comes down to this. This year has been a schedule change and a focal change and although many things are getting done, many other things aren't getting touched at all. So - maybe it's time to take a look and see where I'm at as I approach the middle of month 5.

I usually try to get 8-10 miles every other day on the recumbent stationary
bike, along with working on the elliptical and a bit on the treadmill. I've
missed it this week while my rib heals, but next week I'll be back to a normal schedule. 

Exercise and weight gain - this has been successful. I'm loving going to the gym every morning and I'm losing weight in spite or despite my food choices - which are usually sensible. I'm down about 30 pounds since the beginning of the year, and the old body is starting to get toned. Now if I could just do something about these saggy triceps ...

I really need the impact of a treadmill to help with my
osteo issues, but I prefer the elliptical and feel that it
gives me a better workout. I'm a bit torn on these two machines. 

Writing - not so good. I was managing to write smaller pieces and very short stories until I came down with the flu in the middle of Back To Middle Earth Month (March). I haven't managed to bounce back into writing since them and, although I miss it, my muse is totally closeted and sulking. I have a novel that I really want to start that I think might have some teeth. As a friend mentioned yesterday - NaNo. Well ... maybe. But this may also be the year that I don't do NaNo or don't finish it. I have to take time and outline this novel. If I feel it has the ability to hold up to 100,000 words, then I'll see about working NaNo into my November schedule of insanity.

I'm away from writing (except for my daily blog) and I miss it. But
there's too much else on my plate right now and my muse is
sulking in a dark closet corner. 

Artwork - also not so good. I haven't had time to pick up a pencil or swipe a pastel across a page. I've looked longingly at my portable easel and have left it on the floor knowing that I have other things higher on my agenda. I miss my art and I'm looking forward with some hesitation to my excursion for Bead & Button Show in a few weeks. I really do need to spend time at the shop and get my tools assembled for the trip. There are some things 'required' for one of the classes that I'm not so sure I actually have and also not so sure I actually want to buy. *sigh*

I haven't even had a chance to play with my pastels. Sheesh! My time
just doesn't exist any more! 

Home Remodeling - that's actually progressing. I had made it a DH project for the previous three years and nothing had been done, so I took it over this year and we're getting somewhere. The actual install of the new flooring and carpeting is scheduled for mid-June and I'll be cleaning, packing, moving, etc like a mad woman until then. There's a lot that needs to be moved so that the carpet layers and laminate installers can get to the areas where they will work.

I'm not doing too good in being a fully realized person. I'm a bit
uni-directional right now. It's OK and understandable, but I'm
not really happy about it. 

Final Score - C- I'm progressing on the home front, but not in those things that have extended my reach into the other communities and friendships I've fostered through the years. I guess I should see about shining light on my reluctant muse after my carpeting is installed. Happy Friday to everyone, and have a safe one.

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