Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shifting Into High Gear

I have less than a month before my carpeting and flooring gets installed. I'm shifting into high CLEANING mode - ick! But it has to be done, and I know I'll get minimal (read "no") help from DH. His cleaning is looking at a box, throwing up his hands because he's "overwhelmed" and walking outside to pull down a tree or two. Those also need to be done - we'd be crowded out of our house and yard if we didn't keep the weed trees under control, but it really doesn't do much to help clear the first floor of extraneous stuff.

I need my first floor to be completely empty. Since that's a big area, it's not going to be easy.
I'll start on this tomorrow. I'll be pulling and moving shelving, moving boxes from
my collection points into Sharon's Room for the first part of the summer, and
I'll need to purchase more boxes for knickknacks. 

I'll be labeling and moving shelving, stacking filled boxes of books so that I'm just working on current boxes, starting to clean the dining room so that I can put living room furniture into that room while we need clear space for the new carpeting, and cleaning behind the breakfast nook in the kitchen area. It's a TON of work and I know I'll be snappy and growling by the time things get closer to the install date.

One thing I'm really looking forward to will be new carpet
on my stairs. The carpet currently there has been in poor shape
for years. 

Between the cleaning, assembling and disassembling of shelving, packing knickknacks, etc., I'll be gone for six days while I attend Bead & Button Show. I have eleven days until the show begins, although I won't be there until a few days later. I still haven't gathered my tools for the four metal classes I'll be taking, and started packing the other things I might need. I know that I need to get that going too.

I have knickknacks to pack - things I've inherited from my own mother as
well as my mother-in-law, also things that DH and I have collected
over the years. Too much stuff! I really want to get rid of a lot of
it. Things are looking crowded and unattractive. 

I have a sincere feeling there won't be enough hours in my days over the next month, but I'll still have my mornings free for the YMCA. I don't see myself having time for writing or doing artwork, though. Cleaning will be taking over my life *sigh*. Have a wonderful weekend, all. I'll be thinking of you while I lug boxes back and forth.

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