Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Progress - Forward and Back

I have to get packed today. I leave on Monday and if I don't get some things together today, I won't have time at all. Chickie is leaving for a family funerary memorial service in a different state tomorrow morning and I'll be adding feeding and watering her cat to my daily chores for the rest of the week. As I've said in the past - if you want something done, just ask a busy person - LOL.

This sums my life up pretty well just now. 

Today I have my Chiropractic appointment. Usually that's on Mondays, but Monday was a holiday, so his office was closed (and I was sleeping in). So today I'm off to swim at the WBL Y instead of my usual hangout, and I'll have a tighter time schedule as a result.

This is so true! 

DH actually did some serious cleaning yesterday. Not everything that I wanted him to deal with, but he cleaned and re-organized the front closet and that was desperately needed. The fact that it won't be affected by the carpet install led me to a sigh, but it was nice to have it done. He actually threw things out (it's a bit of a miracle) and will get something for our hats and gloves which will take care of the mess on the closet shelf. It's rather nice to have a cleaned closet.

I have more things to take to Tech Dump and Goodwill today if
I have the chance to list them. Otherwise, it will have to be later in the week. 

We'll still have Sunday to work on cleaning together before I leave on Monday. The clock is ticking and he's well aware of it. We'll mow the lawn at the small house tomorrow night. There is a small chance of rain, but it poured throughout the day yesterday, so the grass is too wet to cut tonight.

We mow regularly, but it's a job taking care of the main house as
well as the small one. It sure would be nice to finish the remodel
on the small house and get it onto the market... *sigh*

Got to get some pics into here and get going. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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