Tuesday, May 26, 2015

High Gear Steps Up

I'm back ... did you miss me? Things will be going crazy here over the next few weeks. I work through this week, but I'm off to my annual conference next week. After I return, I have one more week to get my house cleaned up and ready for carpeting and flooring. It's crazy-busy time.

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I had a really nice Memorial Day weekend, although we ditched the movie in favor of a bit more sleep and increased cleaning time. That's key right now - getting things cleaned up to the max as quickly as possible. The drapes have been ordered and we knocked almost 40% off the price because of sales and other discounts we were able to apply. SCORE! The dining room is completely cleaned now, and Sharon's Room has started receiving boxes of books from the living room. I have one more box of books to scan and then the in-use boxes can also be put into there.

We are so busy over the next few weeks, it's mind-blowing! 

DH got rid of one large pile of stuff from the kitchen yesterday, but he still has things in the living room to go through today. Since he'll be working the rest of the week, his initial thoughts that he could do more on Thursday and Friday don't hold, and he'll be working all next week too. Poor boy. He'll survive, although he's not happy.

Tech Dump accepts any electronic items for recycling, and most
of them are at no charge or little charge. I have two printers and
a third CPU and a third computer monitor that need to get dropped
off. The only thing I'm keeping from my old computers are the keyboards.
Those seem to have use for me in so many other systems. 

My car trunk is stuffed with items for recycling, Goodwill and TechDump, with more waiting for later in the week. I think I can get TechDump done today, but Goodwill will have to wait until tomorrow because they open a bit later. Still, things are getting tossed, donated or recycled, and that's making me quite happy.

We're making progress, slowly but surely. 

So progress is being made and that's the important thing. Now to wrap this up and get going to the gym. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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