Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carpeting - Who Knew?

Yet four more carpet samples arrived in the mail yesterday leading to a narrow-down to two possibilities and an "I don't know why X company can't make Y color," from a frustrated DH. I am under orders to "Just choose one," which I will do today. I spent my evening at the computer doing research, looking at colors, and finding out that the carpet we thought was marvelously cushy and that we preferred might not be able to be vacuumed by our machine, but might need a new, lighter vacuum because it is such a dense weave.

The Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is very cushy, but when I started really
digging in to reviews, there were a LOT of negative reviews on both
wear, staining, and general upkeep. I think I'll be choosing the second choice
instead. It might not be as cushy, but I think it will wear better. 

Really? REALLY? Now, I don't have some fancy-dancy vacuum cleaner. I have a canister vacuum from Sears, so nothing special at all. But apparently the silken fibers of this carpet are so dense that a vacuum with a beater bar (don't most vacuums have those?) is advised against. But it's really cushy! It's a joy to run your hands over. The other front-runner isn't as cushy, but actually is probably a better color for us and would have been a great choice under any other circumstance.

Supposedly stains can't even get into the carpet. But the
reviews told quite a different story. I think I'll pay attention
to people who have had this carpet installed in their homes. 

So, it's back to the decorating store once more. I have errands taking me to the other side of town first, so I won't be there when they open this time. But I'll get there sometime this morning and have a chance to waste time amidst the carpet samples one more time. I'll get a decision made today and I'll order the darned thing. I really wanted this to be installed in mid-June and if I don't get going on this, I'm looking at July and crunching into Chickie vacation days which mean I can't be watching the install at the same time that I'm working because Chickie is at her family reunion. Time moves on ...

Although it feels nice, and it's a "green" fiber, I need something that
will actually wear well. I suspect I won't be choosing the SmartStrand. 

Stress? I laugh at it (as it punches me in the gut). I'll be doing the usual today - grocery shopping, several loads of laundry, changing the bed linens, scanning more books - as many as I can squeak in - and talking with Aearwen in the late afternoon. There are also a bunch of non-standard stuff on my agenda which will really fill in my time. I've got to get going - Tempus Fugit. Happy Wednesday to all. As an aside, my bruised rib is much better after taking pain pills last night and getting a good night's sleep. Still, it's back to the pool for today's exercising. Thanks for all of your kind wishes while I heal.

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