Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time is NOT My Friend Today

So, let's see how fast I can put a post together. Comcast was working on my internet this morning and I'm running about fifteen minutes behind before I have to grab my gym bag and head out for a machine day.

This is the main workout room at my YMCA. I am most often found at
the ellipticals in row two or the recumbent bikes in row three (where the
woman reading is seated). A second section extends behind me with
treadmills and weight machines. I like the high ceiling. 

So ... Updates ...

Squirrels? Yup. Still in the chimney and still making their noises at around 2:00-2:30 am. They actually settled down relatively quickly this morning though and only awakened me twice. *sigh*

My fireplace takes up an entire wall, mostly with rough marble
bricks similar to this (when I get the room cleared for carpeting, I'll
try to remember to take a picture). I want that color to be brought
out into the carpet and window treatment. 

Carpeting/drapery - Carl and Chara were over yesterday afternoon and measured. We discussed many things, but I have a good feeling about them. Chara will pull samples for me and I hope to get in to their showroom to see what she's pulled on my next day off. DH wanted to know if I showed them an old sample that we still had lying around somewhere. Uh ... NO ... first - I don't know where the silly sample is, and second, I have my own idea of what I want in carpeting and drapes. So ... NO.

I do enjoy playing with my virtual jigsaw puzzles. Thanks to
Aearwen for the suggestion a few months ago. As usual, she ROCKS!

Had a very productive day, yesterday, but realized as I sat down for a final hour on my computer that I hadn't done a single jigsaw all day. I quickly loaded one up and did it - LOL.

So - a machine day today. Elliptical (ugh), recumbent bicycle (yum) and a bit of treadmill at the end (not my fave, but not the worst, either). I downloaded new workout songs onto my iPod last night, so I'm looking forward to new music this morning while I sweat and moan. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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