Friday, April 10, 2015

So Far Behind!

We got two huge shipments into the shop within the past two weeks and I just can't catch up. I'm the proverbial hamster in its wheel, running and running and seemingly getting nowhere. I have hundreds of bead samples waiting for me to string them so that we can actually sell the beads we brought it, and I have hundreds of new and restock seed beads that are getting packed up and need to be labelled appropriately so that they too can be sold. Chickie is packing large quantities into smaller ones, my Manager is packing the seed beads, and I get the labeling and putting away aspect. Between all of this, we're helping customers who seem to be needier than ever. I'm falling farther and farther behind.

That darned list of items on my "ToDo" list never gets shorter. Maybe
I need a smaller wheel?  

In other years I would probably have pushed all of my efforts, before and after work, to stringing, etc. But my schedule has shifted this year and I've included myself in the nix. I've allowed myself to say that I'm every bit as important as the commerce I engage it. So I'm super far behind and I don't see light at the end of that tunnel anytime soon. And I'm actually OK with that in many respects. I need several days just to string the new beads so that I can actually sell them. I think I'm finally caught up with the reprices now, and as the new seed beads come my way, I can catch up with them. But it's those darned pressed glass samples that's really holding me back. Argh!

Stringing beads improves motor skills. I guess, after the thousands
of bead samples I've strung for the shop, my motor skills are pretty honed. 

Topping it all off, we actually had snow coming down in fat, water-laden flakes as I was leaving the shop yesterday. I warned DH that I'm not shoveling even if it stays on the driveway. It'll be melted by the end of today since we seem to be moving back to Spring now. The joys of spring in Minnesota.

My view from inside Minion as I was leaving work last night. Spring
snows don't last long, but it was obnoxious to see the flakes come down
with enough power and size that they stayed on the grass and the cars. 

I'm off to swim today, so I hope each of you has a wonderful Friday. I'll be back tomorrow. Want to meet at the virtual bar tonight after work for a quick drink? LOL.

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