Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Monday - All. Welcome to a New Week

DH and I spent a lovely few hours wandering the American Craft Council show along with Chickie and Chickie Mama. DH was joyful because he accessed the event location's WiFi and was able to sit and play his game on his phone while we were strolling the aisles at a more leisurely pace. I was happy because he was occupied and not feeling rushed. Here are a few of the highlights. I didn't take a lot of business cards, but here we go.

We sniffed and tasted five varieties of the different
Scotch whiskeys produced by The Balvanie Distillery.
Caribbean Cask was my favorite with just a hint
of rum coming from the finishing cask into the whiskey.
Great stuff! 

The first thing to really make an impression was located in the central area in the "Let's Make" stations. There was a private tasting room set up by The Balvenie Distillery, Banffshire, Scotland. It turned into a presentation lasting 45 minutes featuring the five different Scotch single-malt whiskeys that they make by hand in the distillery. It was fascinating, much more of a taste sensation for the nose than an excursion into drinking, and it was very well done. Jonathan Wingo introduced each whiskey to us, explained what made it unique, and we were off to smell a unique brew. Very fun. There was also a craft beer growler truck dispensing some very interesting beers, but I didn't want any beer on top of the Scotch whiskey, so I passed on that.

I don't know whose stained glass piece this is. It was used in the
central area where interior decorators designed small rooms
showcasing some of the items made by the craftspeople. 

As usual, there was a large assortment of artists and craftspeople who presented their works in a variety of media styles. They were broken down into the following categories: Ceramics, Fashion-Accessories, Fashion-Wearables, Fiber-Decorative, Furniture and Lighting, Glass, Jewelry-Enamel, Jewelry-Metal, Jewelry-Non-Metal, Kaleidoscopes, Leather-Non-Wearables, Leather-Wearables and Accessories, Metal, Metal-Enamel, Mixed Media, Other Media, Paper, Toys and Puzzles, Wood and Wood-Turned.

I loved this raven. It brought my friend Huinare to my
mind immediately. She would have loved several of Pat
and Ken's pieces. 

This fabulous raven made from ceramics is by Pat and Ken Larson. I thought of my friend Huinare the moment I saw this guy. His description is:  Terracotta base with locking drawer and "pictocode" text. The raven carries the key for the drawer which contains clay tablet keys for the code. Raku fired raven with steel armature legs and feet covered with epoxy paste for dimension 34.75"T x 15"W x 9.25"D (with bird 26"D) C2014 $3950.00.

This zepplin with moving paper sails was above Danny Saathoff's booth. It
caught my eye immediately. 

Danny Saathoff specialized in some funky jewelry but what really pulled me into his space were his kenetic sculptures. The largest was this Zepplin which moved and swayed gently high above his booth. Each of the sails moved independently. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

These small, handcrafted ear hoops were just about what
I have been looking for. But I'm poor, and they cost a lot, so
they stayed and I left. 

Patty Bolz had some small gold hoop earrings that I fell in love with. I've been looking for something to wear in my 3rd hole that would survive my swimming days. So far I've sacrificed two 14K earwires to the chlorine and I now am wearing a rather boring gold ball which is also getting weakened by the chemicals of Guppy Day. But, I wasn't willing to buy something else that would self-destruct. So as much as I loved them, I'll think I'll buy something stainless steel and see how that may work. I may also look into enameling a hoop of my own design. Glass may hold up better, and if it mattes because of the chemicals, that's OK too.

Here's one more Raven for Huinare. This is a fiber raven standing
approximately 2 feet tall. His wings and head are zippers. He's
made by fiber artist Barb Bend. 

So there you have it - a very short look at the ACC show 2015. As always there was lots of eye candy and I got home just in time to finish watching the World Figure Skating competition and then switched to watch the end of the Masters Gold Tournament. Great day all around! Have a wonderful Monday, all.

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