Friday, April 3, 2015

Forests - A Photo Blog

I'm in the mood for trees. Our snow has melted (except for the really high parking lot mountains) but it's still a bit early for new leaves, so the trees are still bare or holding on to the last of their autumn brown. I need green trees, so I'm looking for pictures of forests. Let's see what I can find...

The shaft of sun in this paints everything with a golden glow. 

Here is a perfect example of Tolkien's "Misty Mountains". Can't you
just visualize these expansive goblin caves underneath these
green sentinels? 

I could see this high mountain valley as one of several approaches
to the hidden refuge of Rivendell. 

Of course, all forests must have their mysterious sides. Here, the moonlit
glade ahead beckons you on to explore. 

Here is a lovely, old Japanese forest. I love the roots of these thick
trees, just waiting to grab the unwary traveler. 

This forest in France, on the other hand, seems a bit more frilly and
closed in. I think I'd rather explore the Japanese forest. 

And of course, forest are magical. 

So there you have it. Forests to spark your imaginations and give you pretty things to look at today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. If you're celebrating the various holidays this weekend, have a Blessed Good Friday, a joy-filled Passover, and an Easter Sunday of contentment. I'll be posting tomorrow, but many of you will be off your computers for the holiday weekend.

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