Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oy! - How Do I Get Into These Things?

I'm a VERY self-sufficient person. I needed eye surgery and I drove myself there and back despite offers from friends. I take care of myself - don't really think it's anyone else's job to do that for me. But DH is a totally different type of animal.

I don't know if I'm fabulous, but thank goodness I'm
independent and not afraid to use my brain. 

He has a biopsy procedure scheduled for early this afternoon and you'd think his brain had gone on vacation. I had to arrange to have a friend assist at work so that I could baby him to the doctor's office and back. For a procedure that the doctor says is minimally invasive and shouldn't be a big deal at all. So fine. He's been stressing out about this since the appointment was made. At least we'll have this behind us and maybe we can get back to our lives once more? Maybe?

I hate waiting for the doctor. There are all sorts
of sick people around and I just got over the flu. 

In the meantime, I have the joy of shepherding my DH to his doctor's and back, not getting a day off from work until later in the week (if all goes well), and generally wasting hours because DH is a wuss. Oy!

Even in 1892 when doctors actually made house calls, there was
still a crowd waiting to see the doctor. It never seems to change. 

At least I can start today out in the pool. Have a great Wednesday, all. I'll be back at you tomorrow.

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