Monday, March 9, 2015

Hockey and Books, What Could be Better?

I had a fabulous weekend, did you? I got some writing done, read a little, cleaned a little, slept a little, and spent some quality time with DH. I scanned more books into my book catalog program (I'm down to the hard ones now - the ones that are so old they don't have ISBN numbers), and we even managed to watch a missed episode of "Face Off" before calling it a night.

We finally caught up on an episode of Face Off Season 8. This was
a body painting challenge and there were two models - male and
female. Here the female is the front of the insect, the male is the
red thorax. I forget which insect they were portraying, but it was really

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were taken up by the annual High School Hockey Championship. Now, to most of you this might seem like a "what?" or a "yawn", but this is Minnesota - the State of Hockey - and we take our Boys High School Hockey Championship VERY seriously. We are glued to the TV for the tournament and many of the boys playing in it go on to be stand-out college and pro stars. It's watched world-wide as one of the best sporting events to occur annually. It's big time, and like other hockey lovers, we're glued to the TV.

The Minnesota Boys State High School Hockey Tournament
brings people from all over the state into the Twin Cities
and packs the hotels and the Xcel center with screaming
fans. It's the first sign of spring, the Boy's High School Basketball
Tournament in a few weeks is usually the final snowstorm.

Several years ago I was attending a local bead retreat during HS Hockey Tournament time. The retreat intersected with the Saturday games which were the two final games. I brought a portable B/W TV with me and had it set up on my table so that I wouldn't miss the games. Yes - I'm serious about my hockey - LOL.

The main splash screen of Book Catalogue is where
you start with the program. 

I mentioned I was scanning my books into my Book Catalogue program. The program is actually working really well. If you decide to get it, it's a free download and saves to your phone's SD card. The ideal is scanning in the ISBN, but so many of my books are older than the current ISBN numbering, I found it faster to just hand-enter the ISBN number. I change the cover shot if necessary, so that I have the correct cover by using the camera in my phone and cropping and rotating it as needed. I've gotten quite good at it. But I have some very old paperbacks dating into the 1960's that don't have ISBN's and those have to be hand entered - much more time consuming.

I use this screen a lot when I'm entering ISBN
numbers. Usually the search can find the book, but
often I have a different edition and need to change
the cover photo or a few small details. 

Still, I have more than 700 books already into the system and I'm almost finished with the paperbacks in my hallway bookshelves. I'll need to start on the hardcover and oversized paperbacks next, and that will require more boxes. Back to the office supply store on Wednesday for another three packs...

An entry screen for a book would look similar to
this. Lots of additional information is scrolled
down and entered where applicable including
number of pages, a review of the plot, and
other pertinent information. The final results
can be organized in any manner you choose. 

Today is a Guppy Day Monday. I hope all of you had as fun a weekend as I did (at least Sunday,m since I worked Saturday) and that you have a day of joy today.

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