Monday, February 2, 2015

Tempus Fugit!

I started out ahead of the game and now am running WAY behind, so this is a rushed blog post today. I spent yesterday being quite lazy, watching the pre-game spiel and then the Super Bowl, making various munchies (too many munchies) for the day, and generally just spent hours at my laptop putting together virtual jigsaw puzzles. No deep thoughts to distract me from the commercials.

The Budweiser commercial featuring this lovely yellow
lab dog was another winner for the brewer. Loved it! 

The football game was actually really good. The teams were well matched and each score was met by the other team's score. It was either team's to win or lose and Seattle blew it in the final stretch by a really horrid play call that lost them the game. The fact that it was down to the final minute of play meant that we had a very entertaining day of football.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots pulled off the win in the final
two minutes of an intense game. A poor play from Seattle led to a win
by New England with the final score 28-24. 

I did take some computer time to sit down with Photoshop and compose a card to be sent to the relatives of Fiondil. A sympathy card. He wasn't close to his family, but I still felt it needed to be done. Whether or not you're close to a relation, it still means something when you understand what that person meant to others. My tears are still too close to do more at this point.

The front of Fiondil's card was this montage. 

I have a wonderful piece of stone on my workbench right now. I purchased it last year and just retrieved it from a packet a few days ago, putting it onto my desk. It's speaking to me, starting to tell me how it wants to be set. I only hope my skills are up to the challenge. Guess I'll find out.... Happy Monday, everyone, it's time for me to get going to my chiropractor appointment!

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