Monday, March 31, 2014

How Can It Be Monday Once Again?!?

I call this time of the year 'schizophrenic' because our weather can range from snow one day to 60 F temps the next. But as this craziness works its way into April, the show piles are beginning to melt, the bare branches of the trees are beginning to look more fuzzy and fuller, and the first green blades of grass are peeking from the fields of brown left by melted snow pack. Those who enjoy winter sports are moving them indoors - the outside ice rinks are beginning to melt down, the ski slope 'resorts' are only operating with manufactured snow to augment the remaining snow pack, and the cross country skiers are simply out of luck. Me? I can live with it. As long as we don't get a really fast thaw, we won't flood and if we can dodge that bullet, my spring will be perfect. The end of March through end of April are dangerous times for my home, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes and enjoying the fact that I can wear jackets other than down.

This lovely picture is ice melt ponds in the Arctic Sea, but this is happening on
a much smaller scale at every frozen lake in my state. Given that we have more
than 10,000 of those lakes, there's a lot of melting going on. 

That said, we'll still have snow for at least another week or two. It probably won't stick, but it will be enough to make traffic a headache. It will melt soon, but melting snow and ice refreezes overnight. This is the season for slipping on the ice and the injuries that come with that. Since I have osteoporosis, I try to be a bit cautious about ice as I'm walking to and fro.

I'm thinking perhaps some ice traction like these or like Yak Tracks
might be the way to go while we're in our freeze/melt cycle. 

I need a new travel coffee mug. I purchased my mug in January 2001 at Caribou Coffee because I wanted a cranberry colored travel mug to match my new PT Cruiser. I still own my Cruiser and I still use my coffee mug every work day. I used to have an acquaintance who sat nearby at our old Caribou hangout (before they remodeled) who also had one of these mugs, but he lost his. To the best of my knowledge, I have the oldest travel mug in continuous use in my immediate group of friends and acquaintances. But it leaks. Just sometimes and not predictably, but it can be very inconvenient if it drips onto a clean blouse before my work day begins. Caribou emailed me a picture of a new mug they will offer starting tomorrow. It's green, and it looks as though the bottom will be the right size for my cupholders. If so, I might consider it. But then again, a little leak vs saying goodbye to an old and faithful friend? I'll probably end up dreaming but not taking action.

My cup holders in my car are rather narrow. I've been caught
before by purchasing a new mug that didn't fit properly. If I
decide to buy a new one, I'll have to check that out carefully. 

For my friends who know how much I enjoy the writing of TJ Klune and how fantastic I found his relationship with Eric Arvin, another wonderful author, I have an update. Eric underwent emergency surgery in December to remove a cavernous hemangioma from his brain stem. He's doing well and TJ has hardly left his side. The artist, Paul Richmond, painted a great cover piece for Dreamspinner Press's anthology "Grand Adventures" and he gave the painting to Eric and TJ. With Dreamspinner's permission, he is selling prints of the artwork through their website, with 100% of the proceeds going to these two young and talented authors. If you enjoy reading their work, or like the artwork of Paul Richmond, you might want to consider purchasing a print for yourself or as a gift. Just follow the link. They are only available through April 30th.

And finally, for this Monday and last day of March, I wish only the best for you and yours today and through the month to come. March came in like a lion with snow, cold, freezing winds. It promised a fantastic lineup of authors and artists for B2MeM. It more than fulfilled that promise by presenting excellent stories and wonderful artwork throughout the month, accompanied by much milder temperatures by the end of the month. Lent is more than half-over, and Ostara has come and gone for another year. It was an eventful month. End it with a bang and get yourself ready for a new month starting tomorrow.

Weather is weather, you gotta love it! 

Happy Monday - Happy March 31st!

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