Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorite Things

First of all a call out and thank you to all who chimed in on Saturday's post. The discussion was lively and civil, and I really enjoyed hearing from each and every one of you. Now...on to today's blog. 

I love civil discussions with my friends from around the world.
I always learn something and enjoy the various viewpoints and
their ability to focus on a variety of things makes it interesting. 

I got totally tied up reading the first two chapters of a book that will be released in a few days and am running late, so I think I'll deal with some of my favorite things today - fast, easy and non-controversial. All good. 

Is there anything better than a good book? The choice of book will vary
from person to person, but the total enjoyment of visiting or revisiting the
adventures of the characters is one of the best things in my life. 

I love a good meal, and when it's capped off by a lovely dessert, it's really
hard to beat. This ice cream and jam concoction looks simply lovely. 

Speaking of dessert, have you seen or tried any of the new
Ben & Jerry's Core Ice Creams yet? I looked for them in my
store yesterday, but they only had the jam core variety left.
I want to try this one - the Salted Caramel. Here's a link
if you want to look at all five flavors. 

And finally we return once more to good friends. I've been very fortunate
with my LJ friends over the years. I've lose some, but those I've gained have
been wonderful to share with. My friends door is never closed, there's always
room for one more. 

Have a fantastic Monday. It's my final day of kitty care today, so I'll be a happy camper :-)

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