Friday, January 17, 2014

Writing, Reading and Watching

Yesterday was a bit slow at the shop (except for the ceiling leaks which I won't discuss because I'm really tired of discussing water issues with all of you and I'm sure you're all tired of reading about them). Because it was slower, I brought my laptop out to the main room so that I could get some computer work done on the shop computers and still do some of my own things on my laptop.

I always wanted to be a great doodler, but I never had the knack. This,
however, is just lovely. By Daisy Jane.  I doodle with words instead. Not
as interesting to look at, but a lot more fun for me. 

ITEM THE FIRST - So, I had my laptop set up and started doodling - that's when I'm just starting into writing a story with no particular idea of where it will go. My B2MeM story got a good start yesterday, and my LOTR Community story is also swimming along. What really pleased me was that I hadn't taken a close look at the parameters for my LOTR Community story until I was about 1000 words into it, but the piece is meeting all of the requirements in spite of my lack of foresight and planning. Yippee!

One of the books recommended to me was this one -
ShadowCastle by Marion Cockrell
I remember reading this as a child and I loved it.
I may still own the book - I tend to keep books over
almost anything else I've owned.

ITEM THE SECOND - I must thank all of you who gave me such wonderful recommendations for writers who have written characters that stay with you. I recognize many of the titles and authors you recommended and even see some of the covers in my mind's eye. Time to take another look at some of these (call me happy).

"Under the Gunn" features Tim Gunn  and three previous designers who will
be learning how to mentor beginning designers. The three mentors are
Anya Ayoung Chee, Nick Verreos and Mondo Guerra. Each mentor has
different strong points. I'd work with Mondo or Nick in a second, but
have always been unimpressed with Anya's sewing skills. 

ITEM THE THIRD (A) - I had a chance to catch Episode #1 of "Under the Gunn" last night. I must admit to a bit of frustration about the selection process. Because of the way it is set up, splitting the candidates into two groups and focusing on a single group at a time through the selection phase, the second group is given a distinct disadvantage. Even if each designer in the second group produces amazing work that is far and above most of the people in the first group, two of them will still have to go home. To me that's dreadfully unfair. I think they should have had all of the candidates make their items, show all of them at a full runway, and then make the twelve selections from the full group. I don't disagree with the person who was sent home in group one, but I think it could have been handled in a more equitable fashion.

Because of the way that I post my blog across several different
platforms, I'm just pasting the link for the video below here
instead of trying to embed it and hoping that the link would
work properly. Go ahead and take a look, or
search it out for yourself on YouTube as 100 years/style/east london

ITEM THE THIRD (B) - Speaking of watching, check out the video. This is 100 years of fashion in dance and clothing. Although there is a longer version of this too, I linked the shorter one because it loads quickly and it's just fun to watch. It's less than two minutes long, so just enjoy. As a fashion maven I had to watch it several times just to try and catch all of the various costume changes. It's great fun.

So, have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your day!

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