Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Dreams of Joy Ahead

As my part of the country falls once again into the deep freeze, I think I need something else to concentrate on. It's been a fun week of feedback - books we liked and books we didn't and other topics as well. I've gained a couple of new friends because of a discussion on a different blog, and I'm into the final edit (although edits are never truly final) on my LOTR Community Story. All in all  it's been a successful week. But I have a lot still remaining on my plate and I need to get back to productive work - LOL.  Here are pics for all of you to remind you of upcoming warm-weather activities (with apologies to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere).

Remember how fun it can be to set up your spring garden? These
times will come again, even if they are under the snowbanks right now.

Summer vacations will happen and taking a car trip with the family is
a tried and true way to "bond" with other family members. 

Don't forget that your local county and state fairs can be lots of fun
for you and your family. Look forward to that foot-long hot dog, watching
the stock judging, and taking a deep breath of that special aroma of
grease, sugar, and beer. I love my annual excursions to our State Fair. 

How about planning to visit a museum? Although that's something that
you can do at any time of the year, it's always a wonderful activity
to share with friends and family. 

I'll be shoveling snow, checking my father-by-marriage's house several times as we have a few showings scheduled for the Realtor, and bundling up as we drop back into the deep freeze once again *sigh*. Have a totally fabulous weekend.

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