Monday, January 27, 2014

Pain - The World is Conspiring Against Us Yet Again...

Pain. There are a lot of different kinds of pain - physical, emotional, even psychological. But once again we are experiencing pain here in Minnesota, the pain of crazy cold temperatures. Yesterday was bad, but not horrid. We had to shovel and pull snow off the roofs, but we had that completed by noon and were able to spend the rest of our day comfortably. However, the wind picked up all day and by the time night came around we were back in the negative numbers.

We'll start the photos with a morning sunrise over snow-filled fields.

Currently we are at -13 F (-25 C) with a wind chill of -39 F (-39.44) and we'll be in the deep freeze today and tomorrow. Wednesday will actually be decent and then we'll start our next decent into the cold. Usually I don't have too much problem getting to and from work, but I have my chiropractic appointment this morning and that requires quite a drive out. I'm worried about black ice on my freeway ride to and from his office.

Do you remember the ice house from Doctor Zhivago? I was always
amazed by the extreme winter they had, but here I am, living in a
similar climate.

Black ice is the exhaust of the cars freezing onto the roads as the traffic moves on. It gets really bad at intersections and over bridges and on freeway ramps, but it can cause problems all around. My car is super excellent on ice, so I'm not really too worried about her, but my DH's car is not as good and he has the same trip to make for his own 8:00 am appointment later today. We'll just have to be careful

Fields of snow always look so peaceful. Days like this are perfect to
curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book.

I'm hoping that Dr Pat will be able to help with a very sore shoulder after yesterday's show shoveling. I'm in a bit of pain this morning and pain is no fun. Winter can be a beautiful season, but this winter has been vicious so far. I think I need to remind myself about how stunning winter days can be, so I'm going to do photos of beautiful winter days for today's pics.

Let's end this with a beautiful winter sunset.

Happy Monday to all.

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