Monday, December 30, 2013

Wow! I Had a Sunday Off!

Yesterday was the first Sunday I had off work since the end of November and I can't quite explain how really, stupidly wonderful it was. Because DH had to work on his birthday (as did I, for that matter), we decided to celebrate his birthday yesterday instead. He wanted to see The Hobbit-Desolation of Smaug in the theatre for the first showing - usually the least expensive and certainly the least crowded. I wanted a morning showing, but my local multiplex was only showing it beginning at 1:00 pm. Nope ... that wouldn't work. So I started checking out other theatres in the area and found an 8:45 am showing about 15-20 minutes away. Score!

The lobby of the Marcus Theatres, Oakdale. It's huge. Popcorn and soda
are sold ahead and there's a second restaurant on the right that sells full
meals and coffee (bless their hearts - cappucino for my 8:45 am showing).

The theatre was really beautiful - a large open central area for concessions with hallways to either side leading to the multiple screens. It was decorated in an art-deco style. But what really floored us was the fact that it was all reserved seating and they had these ultra-glide electric reclining seats that were AMAZING! These were in EVERY theatre. The chairs were grouped in pairs with an optional center cupholder armrest. It took us a little bit to get used to how to raise and lower the footrest and explore how far back we could go, but what a treat. Even to get up and go up and down the row, you wouldn't ever be tripping over someone's feet to get in and out because they are on the chairs and there's plenty of room in front of them. I'm sure they don't get as many people into the movies as other places with less elaborate seating, but it was a real treat. We'll go there again, for sure!

These are the chairs in the theatre (the click-through
isn't enabled). They are really, really comfortable and DH
said that it was the first movie in a long time where he wasn't
sore from sitting when he was finished watching. Great seats!

As for DOS - I was really pleased to see it again and catch some of the details I had missed the first time I saw it. What had seemed confusing choreography the first time I had watched, seemed clever and more organized the second. I think I still need a few more viewings, but now I can wait for the DVD. DH enjoyed it, although he couldn't hear most of it, but he was glad he went and is looking forward to the DVD so that he can have his captions.

I love my team, and right now we're clicking on all cylinders. 

The rest of the day was taken up by football, and since both of our teams won, all was good. The playoffs start next week. His team won't be appearing in those, and my team, since the Denver Broncos won their division, will have a bye week and be able to sit back and watch to see which of two teams they will face the week after. Super Bowl is coming up soon, and I'm really hoping that my Denver Broncos are in it this year.

We'll be coming and going all week, but hopefully I can recapture my
closet and get my house looking less like a bomb went off by the end
of the week.

This week's work schedule is a weird one because of the New Year's holiday. We work Monday and a shortened Tuesday, then we're off on Wednesday and Thursday, and we work on Friday and Saturday. Apparently Chickie wants to attend a funeral on Saturday afternoon, so if she wants to begin her new year by taking some vacation time, I guess that's up to her. As long as I've got two people on, we can handle it.

This particular funeral was for a Buddhist Monk in Hanoi, Vietnam a month
ago, but funerals, in general, are usually fairly boring to attend. I've been at
my share over the past few years. I'll pass, if at all possible. 

Next week on Tuesday is registration for the Bead & Button Show, so I have to get my hotel reservations made. I was originally going to be sharing with my friend Shruti from India again, but her finances changed and she won't be able to attend the show this year after all. That has changed things for me, so I'll be trying to stay at a less expensive hotel again. I've stayed at the one I'm thinking about before, and it isn't horrible, but it is a walk to get to where I enjoy spending my time and I have to plan things out carefully. Still, saving at least $40/day is a lot, and I guess my old bones could use the exercise.

The Show is at the Midwest Airlines Center with the host
hotel at the Hyatt. The secondary hotel is the Hilton. Both
the Hilton and Hyatt attach to the convention center via
skyways. I'm thinking about the Ramada again (free parking is
a draw, as is their free WiFi although it is slow and pokey).  It's
a one-mile walk to the Hyatt lobby from the Ramada. 

Have a great Monday!

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