Monday, December 16, 2013


The minor leak has gotten worse and worse and worse. The shower floor is now regrouted and that didn't solve anything (although it looks really nice). We've got a leaking pipe somewhere. I'll be calling the plumber first thing this morning. If he can come out today, Chickie said she could work today so we could be with the plumber as he tears walls apart *sigh*.

So I'm looking for pictures of water today. Photos of gushing water to remind me of how much worse my plumbing issue can get, but hopefully won't.

This pic is from a Chinese reservoir.

This water is gushing from the Ord  River Dam.

This shot is from the Three Gorges Dam in China. It's rather surreal, isn't it? 

One more pic from China, this one is the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River. 

A small crack can lead to major problems. I hope my plumber can get this
resolved quickly.

Have a good Monday. My cards are almost ready to mail. I'll let you know when they actually are in the postal system.

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