Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrating Doctor Who - Because We Need To

Fifty years is a long time. Yesterday's fifty-year anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy brought many remembrances and a variety of wreath-laying opportunities and television retrospectives. But today is the 50th anniversary of a television show. A single TV show that has been on air for longer than many of my friends have been alive. That is worth celebrating, even if I no longer watch the show.

Fifty years of Doctors. WHO is your favorite?

Horrors! She doesn't even watch any more? Well, no. I got tired of poor doctors, companions who should have been abandoned on the nearest planet, and a variety of really weak villains. I started watching with the "old" doctors - the "classic" doctors and I loved the show. I still have fond memories of watching Doctor #4 punting a shallow draft boat up a lovely English river near Oxford. I loved the show.

Oh that scarf, and Daleks. What's not to like about Doctor #4. 

I started watching with Tom Baker, Doctor #4, after we had a cable service that was capable of getting the signal. While we were in college, our TV viewing was quite limited, and the Public TV station's signal didn't get as far as my small, rural college town. But when we moved north to the bit city, PBS was available, and so was the Doctor. I loved Tom Baker, he's still the quintessential Doctor in my eyes. He played the role until 1981 and then passed it over to Peter Davison, Doctor #5.

After the laid-back manner of Doctor Who #4, we got the highly-costumed
preppy image and demeanor of Doctor #5. I was NOT a fan.

I wasn't very fond of Peter Davison and fell away from viewing. Although most of my friends watch the modern versions of the Doctor, I have never been pulled back in. But I have to admire a show that has been around for so long and still has a hard and active audience. It's had some great actors in the role, most notably David Tennant, Doctor #10, who had a solid five year tenure and built the audience ratings up again. Now we are starting Year 50 with another new doctor, Matt Smith, Doctor #11, and from the previews I've seen, he might be fun. I'll reserve judgment, but the possibilities exist. The Doctor might be fun once again.

Doctor Who #11 is Matt Smith - a bit older, a bit more experienced, and
someone who seems unwilling to tolerate ineptitude. If that is the case, I
might begin watching again. 

And speaking of fun, give yourself a chance to play with the Doctor Who Google Doodle today. Use your mouse - it's much easier than your arrow keys or a touch pad, and have fun.

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Pam said...

I too loved Tom Baker!! Always my favorite Doctor, always will be.