Friday, October 11, 2013

Writing, Reading and NaNoWriMo

I try to write something every day. It can be as mundane as just cranking through my blog for the day or as elaborate as working on one of the two novels that I've been working on over the past year, but I do try to make sure something gets written every day. That said - I also know that when it comes to writing my blog, this is not earth-shaking literature, so I'm always surprised when a "friend" decides to "unfriend" me.

I'm not really sure why I got my most recent unfriend from an LJ friend, but
things happen, people change, and I've grown way beyond this. Still...curiosity...

Now, I fully understand that people change. I know that tastes alter, that fandoms are entered into and pulled back out of, and that writing styles either click with people or not. I don't expect commentary on my posts, although it is always welcomed and responded to. But I am still amazed that people unfriend without giving reasons. I might not like the reasons or agree with them, but reasons are nice to get before getting an unfriend. One person who unfriended me almost two years ago said that she didn't like my writing style. That's a good and valid reason for her actions. Of course my style has changed over the past 20 months and the reason may not hold water any more, but at least that reason made sense and I respect her for that. So, if you ever decide to unfriend someone, you might consider giving a reason - just to assuage their curiosity. Or not...

In any case, to return to the question of writing, reading, and NaNoWriMo, I am writing something every day. I also read constantly, but I have something sitting on my chair to go to work with me that I haven't read before - at least not quite like this. Last night I finished printing out a hardcopy of the first half of my historical novel.

I love the quotations in many of the day squares.

Normally I don't want to waste paper to read something I'm writing. I'm a great believer in saving trees. But NaNoWriMo starts November 1 and I want to write the second half of this novel for my 50,000 words. In order to do that I need to get back into the world I was creating and the lives of my characters. I am also planning on switching from WriteWord over to Scrivener for my software platform, and I needed to reformat the chapters to rtf to facilitate that move. So I printed out "A Face in the Window" up to this point and put it into a three-ring binder so that I can start re-reading it again while at work. Yes, I could put it onto my Nook, but I think I'd rather read this one in hard copy. Looking at the binder and scanning the pages, I have to say that I'm impressed with what I was able to accomplish with the help of my on-line friends and supporters last year.

I could never have succeeded at last year's NaNoWriMo
without the help and support of my cheerleaders. 

NaNoWriMo, as I said above, starts on November 1st and, as last year, my schedule will be all topsy-turvy again. I'll be posting my blog at nights and working on my word count each morning. I usually don't do other writing during the month (although an occasional drabble may sneak through since they are such fun for me). But the novel MUST come first. So to get my 1000-3000 words a day, I'll be waking up, putting on my headphones, and writing until I have my wordcount. Then I'll answer my emails, and finally I'll post my blog. From last year's experience, that usually pushes my blog ahead by more than 12 hours but I still post it almost every day as I have for year after year.

Scheduling is everything for a successful NaNoWriMo. Since I need
to have things complete before Thanksgiving Day, my month is even
shorter than most participants. This year I'll have 17 days to pull out
50,000 words. 

I'm actually looking forward to NaNoWriMo again. I am not really sure why, since it is a ton of work, but I think it is because I really love this novel and I want to see it happen. So over the next few days I'll be reading last year's first half to get myself into the mindset of this year's future. I'm happy - I'll be immersing myself once more in my beloved Colorado mountains and that's all GOOD.

This is a picture of Silverton, Colorado. A bit south of where my novel is set, but
a nice view. It's still a very active town set high in the mountains. Such a
beautiful area with lots of winter snow and very expensive property values. 

Happy Friday to all my friends...

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