Thursday, October 10, 2013

Errands - When to Squeeze Them In

I had to work on my usual day off this week. My body is feeling the fact that I've been on my feet non-stop from 9:45 am until 6:15 pm each day without a break. I'm starting to feel my age (a fact that I usually try to ignore). But one of the things that I really miss is the opportunity to just get my standard errands done without having to push things through in odd hours and times. Yesterday at 3:45 am I was washing clothing, today I have the towels in the washer and tomorrow it will be the sheets. Usually I do all of these in a single afternoon, but I have to stretch things out because I don't have that unbroken time for washer and dryer attention when I have to work. As for housecleaning, beta reading, writing anything of major thought time - forgetaboutit. Not happening.

Black Rock Desert, Nevada, United States
Pretty neat place, isn't it? I have three other amazing places below the cut...

I did the grocery shopping on the way home from work last night. So today I get to wash the grapes for the week before I leave for my morning. That means in 45 minutes I'll be at the sink washing fruit, so I can't spend a large amount of time writing my blog today.

"Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan

Then off to breakfast and then to the shop to get the computers up and running and everything ready to go. I have to meet the Realtor at my father-by-marriage's house at 9:00 am and Chickie is coming in to make sure that the store is unlocked on time so I can breathe a little easier if I run late with the Realtor (at least I hope Chickie will remember). Otherwise I guess I'll be opening a little late which wouldn't please me at all.

Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand
Just look at the surface of these wonderful stones. How beautiful!

So, the Realtor at 9:00 am, and then working the shop starting at 10:00 am. By the time I get home tonight I'll be exhausted and more than ready to watch Project Runway. Hopefully I can stay awake since we're down to the final five (Alexandra really doesn't deserve to be among the five, but Heidi loves her work and 'design sense' and it's Heidi's show). It should be Bradon, Dom, Helen and Justin vying it out for the three slots at Fashion Week. I hope this will be the last of what we see from Alexandra. Her 'design aesthetic' has never been very apparent to me.

This marvelous spiral jetty really appeals to me today.

I wanted relaxing photos for today since my own schedule is a bit insane. So I hope you've enjoyed the river shots. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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