Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday Was So Fine...Now For A Good Thursday

Wednesday turned out to be hectic, I was off my rhythm and the errands kept multiplying, but I did get a lot done. I'm hoping that things will go smoothly today, that we'll make money at the shop (making money while helping our customers find the perfect craft component is our goal, after all), that we'll have a nice mix of returning customers and new people discovering us for the first time, and that I'll get some email responses from some queries I sent out yesterday in my in-box tonight.

I was a bit off my rhythm yesterday, having to run back and
forth several times. I wasn't as balanced as this lovely
young goat, that's for sure!

Yesterday started out happy. I went to my new coffeeshop location and my friend Ben was behind the counter. Call me happy. Although there were many baristas at the old location who I enjoyed talking to, Ben and I had started flying outside the boundaries of the "medium dark roast with classic oatmeal" road. We actually talked about vacation trips and I've recommended books to him in the past. He's a sweet young man and a very competent manager, so it was a great start to my day.

Look at these lovely patterns in the coffee foam. I am always amazed by
the artistry of some baristas. But since I get a black, brewed coffee, I
can only look at these from afar.

Heading over to the shop to get a new product out onto the sales floor before the day started, I worked for a couple of hours, then left for the post office. After dropping off my mail orders I was driving out of the lot and noticed some very nice HON office chairs next to the dumpsters out back. Checking to make sure that their pneumatic systems still worked, I flipped the seats down in my car and put two in to bring to the shop. I was hopeful that they could replace some other chairs we've been using that are falling apart. Unfortunately they won't work as well as I had hoped, but I have another place where they will fit in quite well, so free chairs - all good.

The chairs I got were similar to this one. I need
to see if I can remove the arms. If so, they will be
functional. If not, they should have stayed in the trash.

Continuing on my way, it was close to opening time at the comic shop and I wanted to see if any issues had been set aside for me. Yippee - two were waiting under my name. The Fall Comic Con is set for Saturday, but I have to work so we'll have to skip it. At least we made it to the Spring Con which goes through the weekend. On the way out of the parking lot I had to stop and admire the Lotus car parked at the end of the row. Such a beauty. I've seen it in the area once before, but anytime I see a great and rare car like this, I just drool. Me want! LOL.

The Lotus I saw was very similar to this one. Beautifully blue with the
top off because the day was sunny (hopefully it was protected when the rains
hit later in the evening). It's a real beauty. The driver was dressed
all in black, but his shoes had a strips of matching blue around their soles.
A totally SWEET ride!

Onward to the art supply store to pick up some gesso - a 40% off coupon is a wonderful thing. Then on to the grocer for lots of fruit and other edibles. Home, I started writing and editing, then when cleaning a few things to get ready to polish jewelry for the shop I realized I needed some things from Target. *sigh* So off again and over to Target where I exercised considerable restraint getting only the two things I needed. In and out in 15 minutes.

I refused to even take a cart, probably one of the
reasons why I only bought the dish detergent and
paper towels that I needed. Shopping carts are

Back home I polished some of the items in my Ionic Electrostatic polisher - works so well, I just love it. Then Aearwen phoned and we chatted about writing and life for an hour while I cleaned grapes and got dinner into the oven. Thank goodness for speaker phone options on my cell phone. I would be lost without the ability to still get things done when talking to my sister of the heart across the country.

I use a mid-size model of ionic cleaner for some of my
sterling silver products. It's one of the few cleaning options
that is actually safe for turquoise stones, so it speeds us
up a lot when we have a store of stuff to polish. I'll try to
get some polished every day now until Thanksgiving.

Did I get as much done as I wanted? No. I wanted to begin re-reading my NaNoWriMo novel from 2012 to get my head back into that universe before NaNo starts next month. I still need to do that. I'd like to print out what I already have written and I also want to switch my software over to Scrivener from WriteWay. I have Emails out to discover the best ways to effect such a transfer, although I suspect it won't be as easy as I want. Oh well...

Aearwen says that her lemon tree bears year-round and that
the huge fruits are almost sweet, not as tart as I'm used to. It
must be nice to live in such a mild climate.

Here's to a good Thursday for all of you!

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