Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Friday - Pics for your Weekend

Today is Friday and Chickie leaves for vacation on Sunday morning. She'll be gone throughout next week (yes, the sound you hear is me screaming in despair).  I'll be working a six-day shift and I'll be going crazy. Thank goodness I still have two days with her in the shop because I'd really be up a creek if she was away for longer than one week.

Anyone with a cat has had this happen as they've been packing
to go on vacation. I'll be taking care of Chickie's cat every morning
while she's out of town. 

I need relaxing photos today, so I'm happy to share the following grouping of beautiful pictures with all of you.

Of course I have to share a waterfall because I think they are among the most beautiful things on earth (or for that matter, on any other planet).

A hammock at oceanside? What could possibly be more relaxing? No oceans anywhere close to me here, but I can dream...

Yet another waterfall, although this is quite a different environment. Have you noticed how so many of these relaxing pictures feature water? The basic sound of water as it speaks to us appeals to us at a subconscious level.

I am a mountain girl even though they are now hundreds of miles away from my home in the land of many lakes. This mountain lake is a relaxing view for me.  Bundle up, though. This water is cold!

A stunning view is hard to beat. This large lake at sunrise holds the promise of an extraordinary day ahead. I do love this pic.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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