Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pic Spam - Time for Pretty Pictures

I allowed myself to sleep in an extra half hour this morning which actually compresses my schedule. So rather than deep thoughts, philosophical arguments, or simple recaps of whatever junk happens to be at the top of the whirlpool of my brain, I thought pretty pics might be the perfect call for today.

Sometimes we all feel open to the elements. It's how we weather
those storms that makes us stronger.

We are shaped by the experiences of life and our sharp edges are slowly
worn away by the perspective of age.

Sometimes we achieve our current position by standing on the
shoulders of those who have gone before us. Sometimes we
are above the crowd because we are supported by our loved ones.

Sometimes we melt under pressure, but away from the heat of conflict we
can reform ourselves into a pillar of strength again.

Sometimes life throws rushing waters at us, requiring us to balance
delicately for a few days. But be strong, be rock. Even if you are pushed over
by the waters, just move with the flow until you can begin balancing again.

Under optimal conditions, even the immobile can develop
the skills to move into a new position.  Don't get trapped into
bad situations because you're afraid to move. Take the chance to
make things better. 

Let yourself be inspired by the rocks while you enjoy their beauty. I'll be at the Minnesota Mineral Club's annual rock show and sale on Sunday, looking at beautiful stones, seeing friends and customers, and watching my DH happily choose rocks to play with over the winter (he has new lapidary equipment to play with). Enjoy your weekend and I'll post again on Monday.

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