Monday, October 7, 2013

Many Hands and a Long Week Ahead

Sunday we tackled my deceased father-by-marriage's house. The sale of goods was now over and it was time to clean and get rid of whatever remained. DH had been patching the foundation with concrete for the past few days and he needed to clean the rain gutters that were packed solid. While he got on a ladder, I started the main clean in the attic. There was SO much to do. But then people started showing up.

The house is clean enough to show to the Realtor. I'll
be calling then today to get them scheduled.

My nephew John was the first to arrive. I handed him a broom and started him working alongside me. Other nephews and nieces showed up shortly afterward and I was able to spend my time collecting garbage, assigning tasks, and gathering a small pile of things for donating to our local Goodwill. Running to the store for appropriate cleaning supplies and my buckets, I ended up the day several hours later with a clean house and it was absolutely amazing! Every surface had been washed, even the walls! The trash has all been gathered in the garage and a large dumpster is arriving today for us to toss the trash into. The kids worked really hard and I don't think we could have done without their help.

Many hands make light work, but we all worked
REALLY hard!

We were exhausted when we left, so I ordered a pizza for dinner and we called it an early night, going to sleep after watching "The Amazing Race". We'll have to stop on the way home from work tonight to start throwing things into the dumpster, but that's OK. I'll throw things in like a crazy woman. I want this to be done!. But from attic to basement storage, the house is cleaned except for one small area that my DH wants to work on Sunday. We have the dumpster for the week, so whatever he decides to toss on Sunday we'll at least have a place to put it.

Chickie and her friends will be taking the extended tour of the Glensheen
Mansion in Duluth, MN. This haunted mansion, also sometimes called the
Congdon mansion has a sordid history of money and murder. Fun!

Chickie is on vacation this week, so I have a six-day shift ahead of me along with cat care in the mornings for three days. I don't mind taking care of Sasha - she's a wonderful black and white cat and caring for her doesn't take a lot of time. But it is one more thing to add to an already crowded schedule. With her off for the week, my manager has to work for her and that means I'll be working twice as hard and getting half of what I need actually finished.

Chickie and her friends are staying at the Northern Rain Traincar Inn.
Here's a link.   Each room is in a renovated boxcar. The doors are
sliding rail car doors and the accommodations are luxe. Too kewl!

This is also the final week of the Bead Shop Hop. The first few days went very well. We had a few people who just got their stamp and charm and left, but most people spent time to explore the store and purchase something. We had one of our better sales weeks last week, but it will take some work this week to equal last week's sales and my manager is not as good with people as Chickie is. (For that matter, I'm not as patient with people as she is either.)

Patience - I'll have mine pulled, prodded, and tested over the next
six days. I hate working a six-day shift without a day off!

So I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday. I'll be wearing my Denver Broncos jacket proudly as we managed to win yesterday and now have a 5-0 record. Yippee!

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