Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Helping Hands Continued

My amazing nieces and nephews - wow. As I mentioned yesterday, my niece Annie's husband Joe arranged for a dumpster to be put in the driveway so that we could throw out what turned out to be a garage full of trash. He said that if he had a chance, he would come by on Monday and take care of everything for us. Well, when we dropped by after work, he had indeed cleared everything out of the garage into the dumpster, covered it with plywood sheets to keep things from blowing away, and everything will be picked up today. Hugs and kisses to him - what a wonderful gift.

We're using a local firm, not this one, but the idea is the same. The
dumpster is deposited by the trash company, you fill it, and they pick it
back up and get rid of the trash. Wonderful and very effective. 

I phoned the Realtor yesterday and arranged for Mary to meet us at the house on Thursday morning. She actually knows the house well, having lived next door to my father-by-marriage for many years in the early years of her marriage. I remember her oldest daughter (now in her mid-twenties) as a toddler running around their back yard. I can't think of anyone I want representing that house more than Mary and Jim - they'll do an exceptional job with the house, are very familiar with it, and are among the top Realtors in our section of the city. I look forward to seeing her again.

Edina Realty is a large local firm. We purchased our house
through them many years ago and Mary and Jim work
for them. They'll do a good job for us.

Chickie, of course, is out of town, so I am on cat duty for the next few mornings. My job consists of topping off her dry food, replacing and refreshing her water in two different bowls and giving her a portion of wet food (she gets Beef Pate for the next few days). I then clean her litter boxes (she has two) and leave, depositing the cleanings in the trash just outside the house.

There's really nothing to cleaning the litter box. It's fast, and it's necessary. 

I used to have two cats, and began my advance college experience earning extra money as a housekeeper for a teacher with five cats. I'm well aware of how litter gets used or not and the need to clean regularly. Yesterday, the first day of kitty care, was ridiculous. I can't think of when the litter had last been cleaned. I scooped and scooped and scooped again. Oy! I finally had everything cleaned up, but curiosity weighed out (literally) and I wanted to know how much used litter I actually was cleaning out of there. So I weighed it - 4-1/2 pounds of used litter was cleaned from the two litter boxes!

Clean? I'm really good at cleaning. Unfortunately, time
is condensing on me and the rest of the year is impossible.
But January? Oh yeah! If you are serious about wanting to
clean, I'm happy to help in January. Two weekends will
be all that's needed if both Angie and I work on it. 

So, Chickie, the clean kitchen was good...well, the clean sink to be more accurate, but really. Really! You need to spend some serious time giving some love to your apartment. It's out of hand. I can help you throw things out, but be warned - I'm a total demon with a trash bag and have no pity for sentiment. However, if you got Angie and me together for a Sunday clean for three to four hours, we could do a lot! Think about it, I'd be more than happy to help a friend *hugs*.

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