Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fighting the Funk

I'm super busy today, tomorrow is Halloween and I want to dress up in something that's only going to make me feel fat, and NaNo starts on Friday and I'm nowhere near ready. The weather today is rainy and since I'm running errands, I'll be getting wet. I'm stressed. writing, at least my latest drabble series, is really sad, the entire health insurance mess is a disaster - every plan I'm looking at is more expensive than what I'm paying for now *sigh*, and...and...and...

Mmmmmm....desserts. The key is going to be holding back from
indulging in overly-sweet and wonderful desserts as I write...

So, rather than vent, I'm going to concentrate on the positive after this notification.

Stress isn't really healthy, but venting can sometimes be a good thing...


NaNoWriMo starts on Friday and my focus of early morning tasks will be switching. The first thing I will do when I wake and sit at my keyboard (after my shower - cleanliness is important, after all) is my daily word count. Nothing else will happen until my word count is either complete or so close that I can easily finish it at the coffee shop.

Then I'll take care of my Emails and on-line product orders for the shop.

I want one of these at the shop for those mid-day cat naps...

My blog won't be written until night, most times, and sometimes may not be posted at all. Last year, as I recall, I was able to keep posting, but it was difficult. However, I'm going to try my best to continue posting regularly six days a week as always. November 1st will also be my 1500th blog post and I would be very disturbed if I couldn't keep up-to-date with my thoughts and with all of my on-line friends. I also still intend to write my drabbles. But I won't start my LotrCommunityChallenge holiday piece until December 1st or until after I've completed my 50,000 words, so that story will be a rush.

I hate changes in routines, but it's necessary for NaNo. So I'll be switching
things around and it will bother me, but that way everything will get done.

I'm torn. I'm really looking forward to getting back to my characters. I had left them in a very bad spot and want to get them out of it and continuing on their journey. But I'm also terrified that I don't have another 50,000 words in this novel or that the characters will peter out when they are almost at the finish line, or that my real life will get in the way. Of all of these fears, the real life one is more likely than other things, but so much can go wrong over the next month. I'm still thinking that a lock on my computer room door might not be a bad idea....

I'll jump into the waters and try my best to swim.

Happy Wednesday!

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