Friday, October 25, 2013

Dreams vs Reality

Sometimes dreams can come true, other times they have to move aside in the face of reality. Yesterday I was faced with the necessity of shooting one dream down in the hope of achieving another, having the possibility of a much larger dream come true. It was a give and take, in essence. But it didn't feel that way initially.

Choices - sometimes choices can be difficult, especially when
they are things you know you really want.

Last year, as every year since the mid-1990's, I attended the Bead & Button Show. For more than 10 years it has been held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the state next door to me and less than a six hour car drive away from my home. So it's quite easy to get to. The Show has expanded year after year, offering more and more classes and more specialized classes that spur not only my artistic imagination, but also my technical skills.

I wanted to expand my jewelry-making techniques. I haven't
had a chance to sit down at my bench for an
extended period of time for far too long.

Last year my friend Shruti from India came to the US for an extended visit and we intersected for a week shared in the madness that is Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. We had a totally fabulous time and parted with the idea that we would meet again in 2014 and each would try to get registration for one of the Master Classes offered before the show opened their full range of classes.

My friend Shruti is a marvelous artist with
a "go for it" attitude that blends with my own
"devil may care" focus very well. 

Master classes are three-day intensive classes with a single teacher - some of the best teachers and artists in the world. They are a very expensive class but you learn a lot and it can be a fabulous experience. I wanted to take Andy Cooperman's class in connections and Shruti wanted to take Celie Fago's class in metal clay techniques. I sent my registration information for the drawing the week after I returned home, but I decided I should Email Shruti and make sure she had sent her own registration in. So I emailed her last week.

Andy Cooperman is known for unusual combinations
of metals, fantastical shapes, and methods of
combining disparate materials into final items. He's
totally off the beaten path of traditional jewelry, but
based in solid technical skill. 

Unfortunately, because of a variety of circumstances, Shruti has had to change her plans and will not be able to come to the US next year after all.  I can't afford to be at the Show for an extended time period without someone to share my hotel room, so I decided that I also will pull out. I contacted Bead & Button Show organizers yesterday and pulled my name from the Master Class registration pool. If I attend Bead & Button Show at all next year, it will be for a much shorter time with a small number of classes.

I dream of sharing a vacation with my DH. We haven't gone
out of town together on any trip since 1994. I think we're WAY overdue.

But my reality will be focused on my business next year and going out of town at the beginning of June may be a really poor idea and a huge scheduling conflict. So it's looking as if I will give up one dream in the hope of realizing another, much larger, dream for my future life, my business, and my personal art. Will it be a worthwhile trade? Only time will tell, but it feels as if I've made the correct least so far. And I may still go to Milwaukee for a very short time, but it won't be the week+ of time I had originally been looking at.

Oh well, that's serious money that is now saved. Maybe I'll buy a Surface2 with the money I'm saving...

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