Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bead Shop Hop Begins Today...OY!

What was I thinking! Why did I decide to participate in the Bead Shop Hop? It begins today and I feel completely unprepared for it because it is a completely new event, never done before in our area. I finally got the stickers to label game boards that are presented to us, but the chain I was supposed to get for the 10 free bracelets never arrived. *sigh*  I'll grab some chain from our stock instead and carry on. The basic hope I have is that I will gain some new customers from this event, but it will take all month to really have numbers on the success of the event or not. But I'm as ready as I can be...

I'm ready for the Bead Shop Hop...maybe...

So with the thought of the Hop in mind, I thought I would share pics of hoppers with all of you today.

Rabbit by Denis Curtiss

Of course the first hopping animal that comes to my mind is the rabbit. I have plenty of small, fluffy and twitchy rabbits living around my home and love watching them hop around the grass, eating and moving their large ears while they look out for predators.

Hopping kangaroos are so fun!

Of course, if I lived in Australia I might think of kangaroos first when thinking about animals that hop. Kangaroos are pretty awesome!

Frogs are famous for their hopping ability.

Love this image of a hopping frog. Did the dragonfly on the lily pad frighten the frog? Or is it lunch on a green plate instead?

Hopping mice - large back feet, small front ones.

Several desert areas of the world have a variety of hopping mouse species. So cute!

Hopping spiders. There are lots of species, but this was
particularly beautiful.

I know that some of you on my f-list don't like spiders. Sorry! But they can be beautiful and this lovely example is a star. From the jeweled eyes to the fluffy armlike pedipalps to the lovely little spikes on the legs, she's a real beauty.

Grasshoppers and locusts hop and fly. 

Small grasshoppers when they are the tiny green ones aren't a major problem, but the locust swarms of the past and even in the Bible could cause famine. I'll take my grasshoppers one at a time, thank you very much!

Startled animals and people often will hop as a reaction.

Finally, this startled ferret reminds us that we all hop sometimes, most often when we are startled or frightened. I hope your Tuesday goes well.

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