Monday, September 30, 2013

Renaissance Festival is Now Over For Another Year

Yesterday was the final day of Renaissance Festival for the 2013 season and it couldn't have been better weather. It started out cool enough for a cloak, and clutching hot coffee while sitting on a sunny bench was a real plus (as was a totally gorgeous pickle boy selling pickles from a barrel just down the hill from where I was sitting on my warm bench). Warming my heart with some eye candy is always equal to warming my hands with coffee :-)

Mac's Pub is where I buy my Guinness. As you can see, the sky was
unbroken blue and the day was mild. It actually got up to the upper 70's in
temps - stunning weather for the end of September.

It was Bar-B-Que competition weekend - three vendors had very tasty ribs for sale and six others were just participating in the competition itself. The ribs were wonderful and we totally pigged out, returning a second time later in the afternoon for another round of great ribs and some of Nitch's Kitchen's amazing banana cake with frosting to die for! I had several opportunities (OK, lots of opportunities) to walk by the pickle man. What can I say? He was gorgeous! See that bit of a pickle sign peering out from behind his arm? He would shake and shimmy that better than most belly dancers I've seen. He looked just as good from the side and the back as the front - total eye candy for my aging eyes. (I might be older, but I'm not dead yet.) OK, I admit I was obsessed - but good eye candy is always a plus on a perfect day at the Fest :-)

We decided to leave early. This is very unusual for us on last day - we usually stay for the fire show and the close down, see friends for the last time in the season, and slowly leave. When we close it down, we get home about 2 hours later or more after the lights go out because traffic is a real mess. We were tired and stuffed from food, so decided to leave around 4:00 p.m. That gave us the ability to be home in time for me to watch my Denver Broncos win another game (yippee) and DH to watch the tape of his Minnesota Vikings playing in London and, amazingly enough, they also won. So both of our teams did well. Of course, my team is at 4-0 and his is at 1-3, so there are some serious differences in standings.

The Special Events Pavilion is a central location for shows, dances, and
free beer and wine tasting events throughout the season. Three free
Guinness tasting events were held here on Sunday, but I decided to pass
even though I could have gotten in. DH isn't fond of Guinness and I
preferred to stay with him.

I have my chiropractor appointment in about an hour, so want to wrap this up. Have a great Monday!

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