Monday, October 28, 2013

A Tribute to Fashion - The Clothing of Edith Head

Costumery. For this week of Halloween, when so many people push costumes to new levels (both high and low), Google is celebrating the 116th birthday of one of the greats in costume design - Edith Head. I remember watching Academy Award shows when I was younger and seeing this stern woman with black glasses mount the stage again and again for her wonderful designs in fabric. I want to share some of these with you today, because creating something in fabric is an art form as surely as painting or metalwork.

It's hard to argue with success. During Hollywood's golden years, Edith
Head designed for some of the best A-list stars.

Elizabeth Taylor in "A Place in the Sun" - dress by Edith Head. Ms Taylor wore
dresses designed by Ms Head both on and off-screen.

The stunning Audrey Hepburn wore Edith Head designs
for "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Such a gorgeous woman.

An outfit design for the incredible Bette Davis in one of
her most iconic roles - "All About Eve".

Betty Hutton wore Edith Head designs like this
shiny two-piece evening gown.

She designed for Audrey Hepburn again in "Roman
Holiday", a movie that I still remember as my first
introduction to Rome. I still want a Vespa and I learned
to love them from that movie. 

Ms Head herself has moved into modern times through
her character in "The Incredibles". I adored this feisty
designer who stood for no nonsense but was totally
brilliant with pins, needles and scissors. 

Finally, don't lose sight of her fashion sense. Although
she was always dressed in sensible clothing, they
were the best cut, perfect material, and always
flattering. Keep her words in mind as you choose
your Halloween garb this year. 

And just not to forget others - Happy Birthday to Bill Gates who turns 58 today. Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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