Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scheduled Day Off? Pffft!

Obviously the idea of actually having a scheduled day off is a pipe dream - a joke of cosmic proportions. Yes, it is Wednesday, and yes, I have the "day off" from work, but I will be driving all over the cities to drop papers off and pick papers up, to get office supplies and deliver business cards, and finally I'll have to be back at the shop at 3:30 pm because my Manager has a conflict and has a meeting at 4:00 pm that couldn't be rescheduled. So when Aearwen and I talk this afternoon - because I am unwilling to give up my weekly phone conversation with her for a second week in a row - I will actually be at work and, hopefully, won't be interrupted.

Will I get my laundry done? No.

Will I get my house cleaned? No.

Will I get my dinner cooked? No.

Add onto that the fact that I worked overtime yesterday with a 12-hour day because a large shipment of product came in and needed to be checked in.

I want/need a vacation and won't get any of that until June next year, so I am choosing to end this with a relaxing photo for the day to lower my blood pressure and stress levels.

Somewhere there is a beach with a wonderful, fruity drink just waiting for me :-) Have a glorious Wednesday.

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