Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Time for Help

DH has been going it alone for much of the last seven weeks since his father died and it's time for some help. Although his sister is also a beneficiary, help received from her has consisted of phone calls and two joint visits to the bank. But she wants some things to happen, and for that to occur she will have to actually help us get them accomplished. The clock is ticking and time is running out.

Everyone needs help now and then.

So she wants her Dad's car - apparently to give to one of her children. We have no problem with that, but the car has barely been driven over the past months and won't start because it needs a serious drive to get it back up and running. Our nephew was over yesterday and got the car started, but now it is not starting again so we were unable to put the car back into the garage overnight. So, I'll phone my sister-in-law this morning and talk with her about the car.

Cars need to be driven, not sit in a garage or driveway. This car is no exception.

While I'm at it, I'll also discuss some other appointments that will have to happen with some banks and maybe the attorney once more. The major problem is that my sister-in-law acts as "day care" for her younger grandchildren so she almost always has a toddler, and sometimes several of them, with her during the days. But she'll have to make a few shifts to get things finalized. Maybe her kids will have to pay for a day of day care elsewhere or one of them will have to phone in sick to work, I'm not exactly sure, I just know that there are some legal things that have to be done and we're running out of time to do them.

I understand busy, and I understand obligations, but we need some
help and she's going to have to try to accommodate us a bit too. 

Boyd finished the photography of the house items yesterday in a really long and intensive day. He thinks that the auction will go live early next week and he'll send me an email link to send to my local friends and relatives so that they can contact their friends, etc. I think the auction will run for six days...I think. During that time there is one day for "viewing" where people can come by and take a closer look at the items they are bidding on. That will need to be on a Thursday so that DH can also be there for the day. Then, the pick-up day will need to be on the Tuesday following, also so that DH can be at the house. It's been intensive, but it will be good to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Even in the 1800's household auctions happened. Now it
takes place electronically so it's much easier to schedule and to bid. 

Whatever remains after the auction will be either trashed or donated so we'll still have a week of clearing out the rest of the house, then I can contact my Realtor and get them over there to list the house. Things are progressing, but it's been a hard slog. I am suddenly looking forward to October and even more forward to seeing a "Sold" sign outside that house.

Maybe I should buy a Saint Joseph? (Urban Legend states that burying a statue of St Joseph will bring a buyer to your home and close the sale quickly.)

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